The Mayfield Fellows Program is a year-long program at the University of California at Berkeley. It is a unique program designed to bring together graduate students from the Haas Business School, College of Engineering, and School of Information Management who share a passion for entrepreneurship and technology. The program provides a broad entrepreneurship experience by combining ongoing mentoring with faculty, company executives, and venture capitalists and Silicon Valley networking activities. Fellows further have an opportunity to travel and study entrepreneurship in Asia in the summer.

The main component of the program is a 12 week internship in a Mayfield-funded technology startup company or one of the portfolio companies of another top-tier venture capital firm associated with the program. The fellows will work alongside senior executives and entrepreneurs in a day-to-day environment to learn about issues pertaining to strategic execution, product and technical marketing, and investor relations.

The UC Berkeley Mayfield Fellows Program is funded by the Mayfield Fund, a top-tier venture capital fund based in Menlo Park, California.

The program is administered jointly by the Management of Technology Program and the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of California at Berkeley.


Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Mayfield Fellow Program is to provide unparalleled opportunities in networking, international exposure, entrepreneurial employment, and venture capital.

The program will specifically enable the Fellows to:

Develop the core skill sets of an entrepreneur

  • Each Mayfield Fellow will develop their skills by leveraging the knowledge and perspectives from professors, company executives, and venture capitalists.

Experience Silicon Valley

  • The Mayfield Fellows will visit and work with companies in the Silicon Valley.


  • During the summer, Mayfield Fellows will travel to Asia to learn about the entrepreneurial opportunities and work at startups in the Silicon Valley. Not only will they broaden their network in Silicon Valley, they will extend their networks to Asia.

Learn from Each Other

  • With a powerful combination of engineering and business, each Mayfield Fellow brings different experiences and perspectives.